#journalism + #publicrelations = #smartersociety?

Posted on January 30, 2012


Journalism and Public Relations are two sides of the same coin – and this coin is communications gold. I believe that when the two fields work hand-in-hand, society can benefit by being part of an open, honest dialogue. And hopefully, we can all get a little smarter in the process.

As someone who’s worked in the media and is now on the P.R. side of things, this blog will highlight current events and discuss what sort of attention each story is getting in the realm of social media…which stories clog up your Facebook news feed and get the #Twittersphere buzzing, versus what slips by more-or-less unnoticed.

Up to this point, when I find an interesting bit o’ news, my tactic has been to post it on my Facebook page with a short sentence explaining why I posted it and leaving it at that.  Maybe a few friends will “Like” the story, maybe even post it on their wall… this blog will hopefully be an extension of that habit.


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