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Aged Hippies Helping Struggling Hipsters – How Can That Be Bad?

February 29, 2012


When the Occupy Wall Street movement rolled into town last fall, I was intrigued.  I don’t like how members of the 1% are able to turn their money into more money and I sure as hell don’t like executive compensation practices. The protesters had my attention and morale support. Not to anyone’s real surprise, the […]

Can the News be Too New?

February 17, 2012


When trying to decide which news story really stood out for me this week, one that I would want to discuss for a blog, I found it hard to decide. I scrolled through my “News” list in Tweetdeck, where I follow such bastions of “the news” as @nytimes, @wsj, @cnnbrk, @bbcworld, etc.  I also checked […]

Rejection by 7 Different Technologies

February 15, 2012


The relationship between a PR pro and a journalist has become complicated in recent years.  PR pros need to read (or listen or watch) journalists’ reports, find their contact info in Cision (and hope that it’s up-to-date), follow them on Twitter, “Like” their outlet on Facebook, send pitches via email, follow-up with a phone call […]

The Evolution of Revolution (and that other story…)

February 6, 2012


If you have a Facebook account (and if you’re reading a blog, chances are you do…), then I’m fairly certain I can guess which story appeared day after day at the top of your newsfeed last week.  “So-and-so and 10 other friends posted about…”? Answer: the Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood controversy. In case […]