Rejection by 7 Different Technologies

Posted on February 15, 2012


The relationship between a PR pro and a journalist has become complicated in recent years.  PR pros need to read (or listen or watch) journalists’ reports, find their contact info in Cision (and hope that it’s up-to-date), follow them on Twitter, “Like” their outlet on Facebook, send pitches via email, follow-up with a phone call – it is much too reminiscent of Drew Barrymore’s frustration in “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

Is this really what has become of our relationship, oh fellow communicators? Are we no better than a rom-com punch line?

I’ll admit it can certainly feel this way sometimes… I’m just another PR gal, hungry for some press coverage love. If there was a dating site for PR pros and journalists, my “About Me” would go something like this:

“Hi – I like to get straight to the point. My pitches are short and I will only send them to you if I think there’s a good story there and one you may actually want to use. I used to be a journalist myself and know how stupid some press releases can be. If I tell you something is unique, it’s because it is genuinely the only one that exists. I will not tell you my client is a “leader in its field” – if it really is a leader in its field, you’ll know it is by its name. If you want to know more about me and my clients, shoot me an email and we’ll talk. And by talk I mean have an email chain, because who uses the phone anymore?”

If my online dating history is any indication, I would have pretty good luck on a PR/journalist “” equivalent. But the fact is, there is a lot of rejection in the PR/journalist world. Sometimes I send out a very carefully written pitch to 15 selectively chosen reporters, and I won’t hear back from any of them – absolutely frustrating. But I’m still new at this. Somehow, I have to believe I will get past the Tweets and pitches, and form real relationships with some special journalists out there. We’ll email each other just to say hello and ask “What’s new?” We’ll share relevant information with each other. It will be a beautiful, beautiful thing.