Can’t Force It

Posted on April 18, 2012


At the start of this semester, I was extremely fortunate to begin working at a very reputable public relations firm, specializing in professional and financial services clients. It is my first job in PR and it has been keeping me very busy.  And although my courses in the PR program at NYU have given me a solid foundation, of course the most learning is done on the job. Because of this, my coursework has taken a backseat to work requirements.  Finding time to write quality blog posts for class has been the biggest challenge by far.

Another challenge, however, may have been my theme– examining current events through a PR and social media lens.  I follow the news very closely, but finding the connection to social media was not always easy.

Any future blog posts I write will not be on this site – my firm has its own blog and invites employees to contribute to it. I am very much looking forward to the day when I feel passionate enough about a topic to submit a post to our blog.

This relates to my overall philosophy on blogging (and tweeting for that matter).  There is so much noise out there as it is – it’s just too much. Unless I deeply feel the need to add to the conversation, I would rather be an observer.  I understand that as a professional communicator I need to play an active role in social media, but I don’t want to force it. And I know the best blogs have posts published regularly, which is why I cannot and should not publish my own blog – I simply will not publish posts regularly enough to warrant it.

I am grateful for having to “test the waters” though, and I’m positive I will be able to take what I’ve learned about blogging and tweeting and apply it on the job.

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